I've always liked old buildings. My grandmother's house, where I spent a lot of time as a kid, wasn't really all that old, but it seemed ancient, mostly because we almost always lived in new houses. My mother was a builder and would build a house, live in it for a year or two, and then build another one—my folks moved sixteen times before I graduated high school, and four more times after that.

For most of my career, my life and livelihood have revolved around old buildings in one way or another. A few of those buildings I have had the good fortune to know in some detail, often before a well-intentioned restoration, ill-advised remodeling, or sheer neglect destroyed the historic structure. I still like nothing better than looking at an old building and researching its history in order to figure out when and how it was constructed, how it evolved over time, and why the heck things were done the way they were done. If I get to write about it, draw it, or whatever, so much the better.

Most of the work presented here is my own, but all history is collaborative to one degree or another, beginning with mostly wonderful clients who saw fit to engage my services to investigate and document these buildings. Librarians and archivists too numerous to mention have contributed in so many ways to all of these reports, and colleagues at the National Park Service made major contributions to several of those produced while I worked there. I hope that they have been properly credited within each report. Any shortcomings or errors, however, are totally my own. With a few exceptions, these studies are structured around similar components: an historical context outlining the people and events associated with the building; a chronology of construction, later alterations, and use; and a description of the building as it existed at the time of the study. So herewith is a little curio cabinet of historic buildings that I have known, put forth in no particular order for your amusement and/or edification. Each photograph below is linked to a web page or a PDF file. They are posted here for educational use only.



Ocmulgee Earth Lodge (ca. 1015 CE, 1936) Bibb County, Georgia

Aunt Fanny's Cabin (ca. 1890, 1941) Smyrna, Georgia

Philip Fitzgerald House (ca. 1835, 1870) Clayton County, Georgia

Dunlap Plantation House (ca. 1855, 1936) Bibb County, Georgia

Hurt Cottage (ca. 1870, 1886, 1906) Atlanta, Georgia

Joel Hurt Municipal Park (1939) - Atlanta, Georgia

Portsmouth Life-Saving Station (1894) Portsmouth, North Carolina

Benton Supply Company (ca. 1887, 1902) Monticello, Georgia

Bethany Congregational Church (1891) Thomasville, Georgia

John Thomas Carnes House (ca. 1828) Douglas County, Georgia

Hammonds House (ca. 1872, ca. 1884) Atlanta, Georgia

DAR Headquarters, Craiggie House (1910) Atlanta, Georgia

Ebenezer Baptist Church (1914, 1956) Atlanta, Georgia

Craighead-Jackson House (ca. 1818, 1886) Knoxville, Tennessee

G. W. Collier House (ca. 1864, 1951) Atlanta, Georgia

Ernest Emerson Hart House (ca. 1915) College Park, Georgia

Gaskill-Guthrie House (ca. 1915) -- Cape Lookout, North Carolina

Seifert-Davis "Coca-Cola" House (ca. 1928) Cape Lookout, North Carolina

Lighthouse Keeper 's Quarters (1907) -- Cape Lookout, North Carolina

Yellow River Post Office/Store (ca. 1845) Gwinnett County, Georgia

James A. Thornton House (ca. 1828) -- Union Point, Georgia

Tara, the Movie Set (1938-1939, 1959) Culver City, California

Guthrie - Olgivie House ( ca. 1924 ) -- Cape Lookout, North Carolina

Ed Styron House (ca. 1934) -- Portsmouth, North Carolina

O'Boyle-Bryant House (1939) -- Cape Lookout, North Carolina

Washington Roberts House (ca. 1850) Portsmouth, North Carolina

Cape Lookout Boat House (1924) - Cape Lookout, North Carolina

Power-Hyde House (ca. 1845, 1925-27) Cobb County, Georgia

Hyde Farm Outbuildings (1870-1949) - Cobb County, Georgia

Quarantine Attendents' Residence (ca. 1912) - Chatham County, Georgia

Tullie Smith House (ca. 1845, 1969) - Atlanta, Georgia

Magnolia Plantation Gin Barn - (ca. 1858) Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Oakland Plantation (ca. 1818-21) Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Prud'homme's Store (ca. 1873) - Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Kurtz-Cummings House (1912) - Atlanta, Georgia

Flat Rock Baptist Church (ca. 1875, 1946) Clayton County, Georgia

Johnston-Felton-Hay House (1855-1859) Macon, Georgia

George Saunders House (1912) - Bedford County, Virginia

Holliday House (ca. 1835, 1855) Fayetteville, Georgia

Mitchell-Tiller House (ca. 1840, 1915) - Sandy Springs, Georgia

George Power House (ca. 1845) -- Cobb County, Georgia

A. G. Rhodes Memorial Hall (1902-04) Atlanta, Georgia

Smith-Knight-Hill House (l913, 1933) - Atlanta, Georgia

Carl Sandburg Home (1838, 1890) - Flat Rock, North Carolina

Swedish House (ca. 1850) - Flat Rock, North Carolina

Fort Rosalie Gift Shop (ca. 1940) - Natchez, Mississsippi

Wright Brothers Memorial VC (1959-60) Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Superintendent's Residence (1912) Chalmette, Louisiana

George Dixon House (ca. 1870) Portsmouth, North Carolina

Schultz-Leeper House (1927) - Cape Canaveral, Florida

Old Executive Mansion (1839) Milledgeville, Georgia

Shirley House (ca. 1838, 1966), Vicksburg, Mississippi

Higdon Cabin (ca. 1910) - Elkmont, Tennessee

Sneed Cabin (ca. 1910) - Elkmont, Tennessee

Lewis-Davis House (ca. 1912) - Cape Lookout, North Carolina