The quilts here were inherited from my great-aunt Ruby Lee Summers (1906 –1995). They were all hand-made by her mother, Cora Tommie Eidson Lee (1867–1957), or her grandmother Nancy Holder Lee (1829–1901), both of whom were life-long residents of what is now southwestern East Point, Georgia.

"Silk quilt," c. 1945?:  approximately 72" by 81", thirty squares made up of diagonally sewn, irregularly patterned pieces of silk and possibly rayon and other synthetics, surrounded by border of small rectangular pieces; backed in a rose pink fabric, made by Tommie Lee, and given to me by my mother.


Rocky Mountain Road (aka New York Beauty), all cotton,  approximately 64" by 75", small yellow sunbursts in light brown circle, light brown sunburst quarters, blue-green sawtooth stripes, on cream colored background; two or three small patches; generally good condition.  The colors have probably faded considerably.  The light brown cloth may been red originally.  Aunt Ruby Lee gave me this quilt in 1992, crediting it to her grandmother Nancy Holder Lee.


LeMoyne Star, 70" by 80"

Drunkards Path, 70" by 80"

Wedding Basket, 69" by 78"