This photo album was compiled by my grandmother Lillian Moore Jones (1895-1988) using photographs that appear mostly to have been taken in 1917-1918, althought at least one image may be as early as 1913. During World War I, Lillian taught school at Grantville High School in Grantville in Coweta County, Georgia, and at Murray Hill School in Richmond County, Georgia. She wrote in ink on some of the images, identifying her sisters Sarah Lucy (1890-1964) and Newtie Leola (1891-1972) and at least one Rosser cousin, as well as some of her friends, male and female. The album cover is embossed cardboard, measuring 5¾" by 7". It contains fifty-three images on twenty-two pages out of what were probably thirty sheets originally. The album pages are a coarse, black paper, typical of photograph albums in the early twentieth century. Most of the pages, which were sewn together with black thread, are detached and two or three sheets have been cut or torn in half. Four images are entirely missing. As a result, it is not certain that the order of the images here is the same as the original album.

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