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1905: Earliest image of Sheehan house (1899) is in photograph of Martin R. Emmons house (c. 1902-03) contained in architect Willis F. Denny's professional portfolio. Atlanta History Center.

1908: View of Peachtree Place and Peachtree Street, northwest corner.  Publishers, Lester Book & Stationery Co.  Shows Emmons House and newly-constructed Elysee Palace Apartments between it and the Sheehan House.  Atlanta History Center #3149.

1953: "Crescent Ave."; Oct. 30, 1953; Georgia Power Co.; Peachtree & 10th; Crane.  Lane Bros. Coll. Special Collections, Pullen Library, Georgia State University.  Shows construction of office building next door to Crescent Apartments.  Porches gone.

c. 1955: View of "The Dump."  Nissen Coll. Atlanta History Center.

1962: "Margaret Mitchell lived here at 10th and Crescent," Atlanta Sunday Times Observer.  27 May 1962.

1966: "Peachtree Place Dial Office bldg., Atlanta, GA, Southern Bell; Saggus, Williamson, Vaught & Spiker, Architects; Barge-Thompson, Contractors."  Photo dated 17 February 1966.  Shows Crescent Apts. in background.

1971: View of the Crescent Apartments, November 1971.  Atlanta History Center #698.

1977: Interior and exterior views of Crescent Apartments by Boyd Lewis.  Color and black and white, prints and slides; mostly details, especially of apartment alcove; no negatives.

1987a: Interior views of Crescent Apartments by Les Faulk.  Twenty-one b/w images and negatives of apartment #1 and three more in stairwell of house.

1987b: Fifteen images, mostly exterior, color prints and negatives; source unknown; date uncertain, possibly later.

1991: Margaret Mitchell House publicity photograph of Peachtree St. facade.

1993: Eighteen interior color prints and negatives; one exterior. June 1993, Surber/Barber.

Thirty-five color prints and negatives of interior, including apartment; dated 30 June 1993; Surber/Barber.

1995: January, after the fire; before cleanup; twenty-five color prints and negatives; Surber/Barber



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