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Primary Sources

I. Architectural Drawings and Specifications

Original (c 1855) Drawings and Specifications were retrieved from the attic of Hay House in 1978. They are now on deposit at Washington Libray in Macon, Georgia. This material consists of several thousand fragments of the original documents. They were sorted and grouped by John Laurens and David Cavender in 1977-78 but are in very poor condition. There are complete carpenter's and mason's specifications but no elevations or floor plans are known to have survived.

Measured drawings of the exterior elevations of the house were done in 1978 by John Laurens and David Cavender. Although his drawing of the front elevation has disappeared, originals of the other three elevations and vellum copies of all four elevations are on file at the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation in Atlanta.

Existing site plan and floor plans were drawn by Charles Miller of Scarborough-Neal-Greene & Clarke of Columbus, Georgia, in 1979.


II. Manuscript Collections

Tracy-Johnson-Felton Collection, private collection maintained by the Felton family in Macon, Georgia, including letters, Anne Tracy's honeymoon diary, the original carpenter's and mason's specifications for the house, and other miscellaneous documents.

Tracy-Johnston-Felton Collection, Geneological Room, Washington Library, Macon, Georgia, including a number of original letters and other research material.

Hay Family Collection, a private collection maintained by the Hay family in Macon, including invoices, statements, and notebooks, dated 1926-1956.


III. Inventories

1926 Inventory, partial room-by-room inventory, with notations of value and the purchaser of certain pieces, taken by Mrs. William H. Felton Jr. when the house was sold in 1926.

1949 Inventory, a typed room-by-room inventory, dated 21 January, with valuations. Includes pencilled notations, presumably by Mrs. Hay.

1957 Inventory, taken shortly after P.L. Hay's death and dated 7 October 1957.

1964 Inventory and appraisal, taken by Thad Murphey for the Hays shortly after Mrs. Hay's death.

1978 Inventory, a room-by-room inventory, taken for the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation by Maryel Battin.


IV. Photographs

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation maintains a collection of nearly all known historic images of the house and grounds, 1861-1962, as well as a collection of family portrait photographs, 1850s-1950s, and a large collection of photographs taken after 1978, documenting the ongoing restoration of the house.


V. Maps

Vincent, Edward A. "Vincent's New Map of City of Macon, Georgia" 1854.

Ruger, A. "Bird's Eye View of Macon, Georgia," 1872.

City of Macon. " Ward Map of Macon, Georgia," 1863, 1878, 1916.

Wellge, Henry. "Macon, Ga. county seat of Bibb County," Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1887.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Company. Maps, 1908, 1924, 1950, 1961.


VI. Public Records

Bibb County Records of Deeds and Mortgages

Book G, folio 595-6: Edward D. Tracy purchase of Square 85, 29 January 1841; also plat of Lots 1, 2, 7, & 8, Square 85; recorded 24 Mar 1858; plat made 18 June 1838.

Book P, Folio 290: William B. Johnston purchase of Square 85, 1 March 1855.

Book 107, p. 510: division of estate between Carrie Johnston Duncan and Mary Ellen Johnston Felton, 8 August 1901.

Book 107, p. 597-598, recorded 16 November 1901; plat made November 1901.

Book 107, p. 748: plat of Johnston Estate, recorded 7 Aug 1901; plat made November 1897.

Book 159, p. 325-6: encroachments granted along Spring and Cherry, 29 June 1910.

Book 318, p. 539: sale of house to P. L. Hay, 20 December 1926; "Plat for P. L. Hay," Plat Book 2, p. 551; plat dated 7 Dec 1926.

Book 159, pp. 325­326: plat of rear half of Felton estate; recorded 21 Dec 1910.


Bibb County Probate Court Records

Book A, 154-5: Edward Dorr Tracy's will, probated 17 Febraury 1849.

Book C, 408: William Butler Johnston's will, dated 2 June 1887.

Book D, 274‑6: Anne Tracy Johnston's will, 13 June 1895.

Putnam County Probate Court Record

Book B, 267: Thomas Johnston's will, dated 23 January 1844, probated 1855.

James M. Bishop, Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, 1869 (Atlanta: Samuel Hard, 1869)


VII. Oral Interviews

Anderson, Mrs. Halstead, and Mrs. Joseph Curtis, daughters of P.L. and Elizabeth Hay.; recorded and transcribed interview by Maryel Batten; January 26, 1981.

Collies, Sophia Rossitter (1883-1986), daughter of Susan Tracy Collins, the Johnston's niece who was raised by them; recorded and transcribed interview by Maryel Batten; June 19, 1980.

Davis, Chester (1909-1993), Hays' butler during 1950s; recorded and transcribed interview by Maryel Batten; November 1979.

Felton, Mr. and Mrs. George, son and daughter-in-law of William H. Felton Jr.; recorded interview by Tommy Jones; June, 1989.

Felton, Mrs. William H. (Luisa Magill Gibson), Jr. (1893-1983), interviewed several times by various people, 1978 to her death; recorded and transcribed interview by Maryel Batten; October 7, 1980. Also transcription from 1978 interview arranged by Calder Payne.

Hay family, both Vivian Hay Anderson and Elizabeth Hay Curtis were interviewed on a number of ocassions. Some of these interviews have been recorded and transcribed, notably that which was included in David Lanoux' 1979 plan for the grounds.


VIII. Professional Studies

Bierce, Richard. "The Hay House, Macon, Georgia: A Developmental Overview." October, 1982.

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IX. Published Sources

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X. Miscellaneous Unpublished Sources

Some significant basic research on the Johnston-Felton-Hay House has been accomplished by students. Copies of all of these papers are included in the Johnston-Hay House Collection.


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