William Phillips' "Map of Fulton County," 1870. (Georgia Archives)

Atlanta, Georgia, quadrant, U. S. Geological Survey, surveyed in 1887-1888, edition of Sept 1895, reprinted June 1900. (scanned from author's collection)

Shell Oil Company map of Atlanta, 1956, showing the city's expressway system, begun in 1949 and soon to become part of the interstate highway system. (scanned from author's personal collection)

United States Geological Survey, Atlanta quadrant, 1953. (USGS)

"General Highway Map Clayton County, Georgia," 1959, Georgia Department of Transportation. (scanned from author's collection)

"Atlanta & vicinity : compiled from state map and information / under the direction of W.E. Merrill, Chief Topl. Engr. ; Sergt. N. Finegan," Del., 1864. (Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division)

"Map of Fulton County, Georgia," William Phillips, 1872. (Georgia Archives)

"General Highway Map Fulton County, Georgia," 1966 with annotated changes through 1974; Georgia Department of Transportation. This was among the last maps to depicat individual residences in unincorporated areas. (scanned from author's collection)

"General Highway Map Fayette County, Georgia," 1976, Georgia Department of Transportation. (scanned from author's collection)


"Map of Clayton Co By J M Hart January 1936." Composite of photocopied portions of the original map. (Georgia Archives)

"Map of Campbell County [Georgia]," by W. Phillips, 1870. (Georgia Archives)